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Summer, sun and mountains ...
    escursione verso il ghiacciaio dei Forni scoprire piccole meraviglie intraprendere una passeggiata in una giornata senza nuvole il ghiacciaio e i segni del tempo    

When you decide to do an excursion in Santa Caterina Valfurva, you have an embarrassingly wide choice. The large mountain territory which hugs the whole valley gives a many opportunities, for experts and people who enjoy, simple walking tours. Panoramic ways at high altitudes between majestic peaks and extensive glaciers, rocky routes of various difficulties and trekking. Leaving direct from our house, numerous hiking opportunities lead out into our pristine countryside.

The occasions for sport aren' t lacking both in S.Caterina and in Alta Valle: Bormio, Livigno, Valdidentro and Valdisotto. This area offers: outdoor gymnasiums, (or life ways), games, tennis courts, soccer, basketball and volleyball. You will find structures which allow you to take part in a lot of activities: space for the archery, golf courses, thermal baths, public swimming pools, horse riding, rock gymnasiums to exercise and live in security in the mountain.

And more, bicycle tracks or dirt roads through woods and pastures: this is a biker's paradise. Exploring Santa Caterina and Alta Valtellina by bike! Some of the climbs such as Gavia Pass or Stelvio Pass have contributed to making the sport of cycling legendary and have held important roles in the history of the "Giro d'Italia". Summer skiing is even possible on the Stelvio glacier.

After a long day of intense sport: you can relax in the panoramic open-air pool at "Bagni Vecchi " in Bormio, or take part in a conducted tour to get to know popular traditions. Dinner with tasty dishes, typical of the rich valtellinese cooking. In the evening, far from the city noises, you will live the true silence of the mountains.

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